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Zhejiang Yongchang Electric Corporation takes sustainable development as its wash machine motors business guidance. In face of furious market competition, we always carry out the mission of man- ufacturing more and more environmental friendly products and improving human's living quality in the past 25 years. We stick to the principle of “Customer is priority, Quality is foundation", and take strict checks on every process when producing every single piece of product. Remarkable products quality enables us to sell our products to more than 40 countries and regions all over the world, and our yearly output has reached to 10 million. 

For a company, 20 years can be brief and long. In China front loading wash machine motors industry, there was once surged a lot of new companies, of which some disappeared quietly and some paced up and down without knowing how to keep forward. Yongchang is the only one that stands fast and forges ahead in this challenging area, with a strong sense of direction.

Full Service Industrial Design
Our team has experience in all fields relating to dd motors product design and development. If you have any needs for your new product or wish to make further improvements, we are here to offer our support.
Customized Product Needs
Over the years, Yongchang Electric has brought many new products to market for both electric motors and machineries; our team understands all aspects of New Product Development.

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